History of Our Institute

The Institute of Ethnic Studies was officially established on the 8th of October 2007, on the date when its Founding Director, Professor Shamsul A.B., was appointed to occupy the post by the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, or National University of Malaysia (UKM).

It is the only full-fledged research institute in Malaysia focusing specifically on 'ethnic studies.' Although, academically, KITA has a 'thematic studies' orientation, it, however, draws its strength from both 'disciplinary studies' as well as 'area studies,' thus encouraging cross-disciplinary activities, involving three major sectors within the society, namely, the public, the private, and the community sectors. Thus KITA adopts an inclusivist approach in conducting ’ ..


Founder and Director

I am very pleased to present to you our new website. Although previously KITA was virtually available, the website was somewhat modest as compared to other web pages. The rapid development of KITA also necessitates a change to the overall design of the website for a better outlook, precise yet rich in data and more importantly user-friendly.


Currents Program

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